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Three Interesting Types of Computer Keyboards You Can Buy

Written by admin. Posted in Illuminated keyboard, Rackmount keyboard, Tactile gaming keyboard

Keyboard with n-key rollover

Although much has changed since computers first appeared in their early versions in the 1950s, the keyboard has remained an integral part of design, and has probably experienced the least amount of overhaul and redesign out of any of the various computer parts. Keyboards have remained, throughout the history of the computer and even the typewriter before it, an integral part of the connection between the individual and their device.

Today, though, there are many unique options available for people who are looking for keyboards. What are some interesting choices you can consider?

First, there are folding keyboards. These are useful for people who use their keyboard in conjunction with screens that lack a keyboard, such as tablets. They can also be useful for people who have desktop computers but dislike the feel, appearance or location of a traditional external keyboard. They are handy for traveling since they are highly durable and can be rolled up.

Second, illuminated keyboards are becoming popular with many people for various reasons. They are useful for people working in darkened boardrooms, lecture halls, or other places where overhead lighting will be dim. Illuminated keyboards can also be useful in hospitals and for gaming. Gaming keyboards are often illuminated keyboards as well as equipped with reprogrammable keys so that they can be reassigned functions based on the games you are playing.

Third, spill resistant keyboards and rugged keyboards are specifically built for individuals who will be working in environments where there is a lot of dust, liquids, or other items that would cause problems for traditional keyboards. They can usually withstand high temperatures as well. Although these washable rugged keyboards are often used for industrial, military, medical and marine use, the low end versions are relatively affordable and often bought by individuals who would rather be safe than sorry. Find out more here.

Ruby on Rails is the Solution for Responsive Web Design

Written by admin. Posted in Business intelligence, Quality assurance, Ruby web development

Responsive web design

When it comes to running a successful company, there has always been more things to worry about than one person could ever handle. Given the amount of technology that we have today, running a business is more involved as ever. Even if business owners are capable of wearing many hats at once, there is no way that one person will be expert in one area. Among these areas of concern are mobile development, responsive web design, business intelligence, and quality assurance. For business small business owners, Ruby on Rails is an innovative, affordable web development solution.

Ruby on Rails makes it possible for the barriers to computer programming to be broken down, which allows small business to write their own code, and save a lot of money. When businesses use Ruby on rails for web development purposes, they not only save on web development, but are able to perform a variety of other functions as well. For example, Ruby on Rails allows any size business to over see the entire development process. Furthermore, businesses can potentially shorten the web development process from months to days. The brief turn around time saves businesses time and money, while allowing them to hit the ground running.

More can be found here.